Monday, January 27, 2014

Facebook Code Generator

Hello fellow Warriors!
My name is John Dowie a.k.a. FbGenie from the Warriors forum and I have made this page to contribute to our great community! As you probably know from my forum posts i can provide quality facebook Ads coupon codes. Because I am moving forward with my other more serious projects, I have decided to share my remaining vouchers for free! Please keep this page for yourself and do not share it on public forums, blogs, etc.. Just follow this steps to generate and assign your own voucher code - please note that this is automatic application and if you have not made something right i am not responsible for your results:

1. Generate only one voucher per account (you can not redeem your voucher if you have previously used vouchers with that account).
2. This coupon codes work Worldwide.
3. Your facebook account should not be older then 15 days or you can not redeem this voucher codes. Just make a fake account with normal name and picture if you don't have legit account.
4. You have 60 days to apply the voucher in your account after its been generated. You have to spend it in 6 months or it will expire.
5. When entering your email address make 100% sure it is right or the code will not work.
6. Don`t be greedy! Some people abused this service so i had to set a limit. Now you can redeem up to 5 coupon codes per ip!

P.S. I am not giving away or selling vouchers any more so please do not contact me with such questions when this site is gone.

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